Welcome to the web portal that connects people with the the surname "Foulger" around the world. There isn't much here yet: mostly a list of Foulgers that have web pages around the planet. The results of the search that created the list have been fascinating, however. Its amazing just how many professors, writers, artists, and researchers there are out there with the name "Foulger".

I'm sure I haven't found all of them, so if your last name is Foulger and you have a web page devoted to you, I'd love to add a pointer to it here. I don't particularly care whether its a site you maintain yourself or a page maintained by someone else (a professional organization, for instance). If you have URL that points to your page or site, please e-mail it to me at davis@foulger.info. Indicate your name, where you live, and the URL of your web site. If you have a different page you would prefer to the one I've listed (that could happen easily), let me know what it is.

This is a new web site in April, 2003. What usually happens with any web site, however, is that they kind of iterate out into being more interesting places, and I expect that to happen here too. The most obvious goal is to add a bit of color, animation, and (dare I say it), visual appeal, but other interesting additions might include pointers to Foulger family genealogy charts or sites (I have a start on that below), to provide a way to post Foulger family news and events, to provide (perhaps in this section, a rolling scroll of family pictures, and even to provide access to a discussion site of some sort. Where possible this site will support related names like Folger, which is a variation of Foulger, Foulgier, which by at least some accounts is the Flemish root for each, and Foldier, which is a documented 17th Century variant. I have written down some musings on the relationship between these surnames on another page.

If you have ideas, or would like to get one of these things working, let me know. -- Davis

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