Musings on the origins and history of the Foulger Surname

Davis Foulger

February 28, 2004

Tracing the history and interrelationships of surnames is a tricky business. The same is true for words in general. Consistency in the spelling of English words arriving in the 19th century with the publication of widely used dictionaries. In the 17th century, there wasn't nearly so much consistency, and there have been occasional conscious changes in spelling along the way. It appears that some of these changes occurred in multiple lines of the Foulger families, sometimes at about the same point in time; sometimes not. This much seems clear:

There are probably other things worth noting here. If you think of any, please tell me so I can update this page.

Time to add a list of sources (still very drafty)


  1. Thanks to Martin Foulger for pointing out the spelling of "Peter Foulger" over the entrance to the Peter Foulger museum on Nantucket.